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Lunes a Sábado: 10:00 a las 22:00 / Domingo y Festivos: 11:00 a las 21:00
+34 915327667
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Lush is a company that produces fresh handmade cosmetics. Launched in the English coastline in 1995, in a small fishermen’s village called Poole, they make effective quality skin and hair products from natural and vegetarian ingredients. They have strong ethical values and very strict policies when it comes to animal testings. Lush are commited to the preservation of the environment and they actively fight for human rights and support fair trade. They encourage creativity and innovation by making their own products and perfumes, which is easily noticed as soon as you enter one of their shops.


In addition to their beautiful and colourful shop right in the city centre, Lush also has an exclusive spa right there. You’ll be transported to the English countryside, where you will experience multisensory journeys by choosing one of their ten wonderful treatments. A place where you can leave reality behind and enter a world composed of fairy tales and fleeting dreams.


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